Improving Your Diet Without Feeling Deprived

//Improving Your Diet Without Feeling Deprived

When you aren’t on top of your health and diet, it won’t hurt if you take a different course and actually start switching up your diet and leaning more towards making healthy choices in order to be fit. 

A change in diet might be truly challenging most especially if you are the type of person who doesn’t really care enough with the food they consume daily – even if you are aware that your type of diet isn’t the most ideal one. All your life, this is how you know to eat. Having said that, maybe now is the time to make a change and look at it from a different perspective. If you do this, who is going to be benefitting anyway? It’s you. 

For breakfast, if you are always on the go and have zero time to prepare in the morning – that’s not an excuse. If you are eating food that is lacking in the protein department and is high in calories, stop right there. If you typically drop by your favorite coffee shop in the morning, perhaps you can change your typical coffee latte to a non-fat one – what’s even better is this option offers protein, too. If you always opt for the pastries they offer at the cafe, you might want to try out their oats or wraps that have eggs in it. While you’re there, grab a fruit cup, too. 

To those who do not have time to meal prep, you can still make better choices when ordering food at the restaurant. Opt for places with a wide variety of food options – this way you can check out other food items which are healthier than your typical fatty order. Perhaps get a salad with a fresh and NOT creamy dressing, add in a bit of lean protein to your salad and voila lunch is served! Avoid also drinking colored drinks, as much as possible just drink water. 

For afternoon snacks, it doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy. You can bring along yogurt with you that is non-fat while adding in a few pieces of fruit on top. 

Dinner calls for more veggies. As I understand most of my readers are always-on-the-go, it’s important to check out restaurants that offer a relatively large menu with healthy options. Take note of food items that underscore lean protein and veggie options – that is where you should be looking. 

Lastly, if you are feeling a little hungry at night especially if you are a night owl, instead of grabbing a bag of chips at home for your snacks make sure you have a variety of fruits which are low in glycemic index, vegetable sticks and some unsalted, dry nuts at home that you can eat and munch on for late-night snacks. 

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Enjoy eating delish, healthy foods!

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