Is It Really Just Water Weight?

//Is It Really Just Water Weight?

You may have heard someone exclaim, “It’s just water weight!” once in your life – but what is it really? 

Once in a while, water weight truly does happen to everyone temporarily. Even with the word temporary etched to it, I get how annoying it can be. Imagine waking up in the morning, seeing yourself in the mirror with eyes that are beyond puffy, then you’ll see your fingers are incredibly swollen… you step on the scale and then you discover you’re X pounds heavier than you were the last time you checked your weight. 

Well, fret not because there are a couple of dietary tips in helping you get rid of your water weight. 

But first, let’s discuss if it’s really just water or is it fat. Newsflash: it is temporary. It is water. Lastly, it is not fat. Nutritionally speaking, it is nearly not possible to gain three pounds of fat in just one night. Imagine this, you have to consume 3500 calories to be able to store just a pound of fat – meaning you have to literally eat more than 10,000 extra calories to be able to achieve that 3 pounds of fat overnight. Possible? I think not. 

If that’s the case, how is it possible to wake up one morning and see that you’ve gained a few pounds from temporary water weight? Well, when you are in your top health condition, temporary fluid shifts would be normal and it can be traced back to something you haven’t eaten or did not eat, often. To maintain proper balance, our bodies use a system where it involves hormones and minerals such as sodium and potassium. However, there will be times that the balance gets temporarily tipped, hence getting the feeling of ‘bloatedness’ as you wake up.

In order to combat this, as much as possible, avoid eating too much sodium which is coming from food filled with salt and processed stuff. As we all know, sodium plays a vital part in our bodies, but the number in our bloodstream has to be controlled. So when we consume a rather salty meal that is filled with sodium that will pass through our bloodstream – our bodies will then dilute it. Then, it will hold onto the fluid you will see the next morning (i.e. bloated face and swollen hands.)

What you also need to avoid is too many starches and sweets in your diet. If a meal is filled with refined carbs, you may want to rethink what you eat. Your blood sugar might rise too if you consume meals such as pasta, white rice, and take sugary drinks for dinner. Your body then will be signaled to release a hormone called insulin, where it helps your body shuttle sugar from your bloodstream into your cells. Note that high insulin levels also have the possibility of leading your body into retaining sodium and fluid. So when you take a meal that’s filled with carbs, you can expect that fluid retention will follow from the insulin spike you got.

Lastly, you can also blame water weight on hormonal shifts especially for women. This occurs during monthly cycles where it is also possible to gain water weight. As this can’t be prevented at times, change in your diet can also help.

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