Keep That Diet Plan In Check

//Keep That Diet Plan In Check

How much is too much healthy eating? 

I am all for health, nutrition, and wellness as you may all know, but indeed, sometimes there are still people who do a little bit too much with their diet. Believe me, this isn’t healthy when you’re doing it at an extreme rate. 

It still is pretty admirable when you see people who eat healthily and indulge in moderation. That is a really good mix if I say so myself. However, I still encounter other people who are all about their ‘flawless’ diet plans to the extent that they would even look down on people who aren’t in some kind of diet or are simply living their lives, eating whatever they want. 

You see these types of people running around and thinking about their meals, preparing them, and eating them. They are all about the nutritional value of the foods they ingest into their bodies. 

Basically, they eat food just for the sake of getting those nutrients, sans the enjoyment of the palate. 

Have you ever heard of the term ‘orthorexia’? It was coined by a physician from Colorado, Steven Bratman, and described it as the way of describing people who have an unnatural focus on consuming a flawless diet. 

Does this ring a bell to you or does this remind you of someone? Do you know people who are so conscious about their diet that when invited for dinner at restaurants or even at home of a friend, they would ask endless questions about how the food is prepared, etc.? I would not be surprised if this would result in social isolation because the people around you wouldn’t always be tolerating such behavior that may hassle or unfortunately, annoy them. 

Other psychologists argue what’s the root cause of orthorexia. There are also people who think it’s simply an issue of being hyperfocused on things that are healthy – which honestly, isn’t wrong at all. 

Orthorexia is not an eating disorder. You just have to be wary when your diet plan has taken so far and you are already losing a huge chunk of weight that is more than what you should be losing. At the end of the day, we are responsible for keeping ourselves in check – and if we can’t do that, please don’t hesitate to consult an expert. 

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