Keeping It Light Every Night

//Keeping It Light Every Night

I am sure you have been told by a lot of people to not eat late at night or even eat before 7 PM hits. 

I know a few people who want to lose weight but claim they are struggling because they have the tendency to eat late at night. 

While that may be correct in a sense, it is not entirely true. What you eat throughout the day and the number of calories you consume in a day is what’s leading you to gain weight. 

A little bit of history trip here: humans have evolved under the conditions of food scarcity. If we want to survive, our body needs to store extra calories when we’re overeating so that when we do need it, we will be able to use it. Our ancestors searched for food and had to store all the calories they can whichever time of the day it is. 

This still stands true to us to this date. It really doesn’t mean anything if you eat those extra calories before sunset or after. Your fat cells will still hang on to those calories for you to use for later. 

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I believe that in a way, some people think this way because they notice a pattern. They lose weight once they stop eating late at night or they stop eating after a specific time at night. In reality, it is not because of which time of the day you eat or not. You wouldn’t burn those calories any easier if you eat them at different hours. The point is, you still consumed those calories. 

We may also consider that some people who do overeating tend to eat late at night. The minute they switch up that behavior and stop eating before, say, 6:30 pm, the higher chances of them cutting out a hundred calories which they typically do when they eat late at night. Meaning, they shed off those extra weights because they simply stopped eating a bit more. 

Don’t forget to fuel yourself up throughout the day to avoid overeating at night. One of the reasons you could be doing that is because you haven’t gotten enough food during the day. Remember to eat like a king (it means King in nutrition) during breakfast, eat lunch like a prince, and take that light dinner. Again, balance is key and everything in moderation. 

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