The Salted Egg Craze in MNL

//The Salted Egg Craze in MNL

Before 2016 comes to an end, let’s give a tribute to one of the biggest food trends of the year – the salted egg!

Manila fell in love with the humble sweet and savory salted egg, which is made by preserving hard-boiled duck or chicken egg in brine solution. Beneath the gelatin-like consistency of the egg white is a glorious orange round yolk!

While salted egg isn’t exactly new to Asians, Manila’s culinary geniuses have come up with innovative ways to make it even more endearing. Here are some must try salted duck egg-flavored treats:


house of crisps salted egg


Salted Egg Potato Chips

Who would have thought potato chips can be even more irresistible when spiced up with salted egg and basil? While it should be easy to prepare, you must try munching on those salted egg potato chips in various trendy packaging. Indulge yourself a bit!





Prawn With Salted Duck Egg

One can never go wrong when you mix prawn with salted egg batter. It is my favorite dish, especially whenever I dine in a Seafood or a Chinese restaurant. It has a different kick to the usual prawn.



salted egg bun


Baked Buns

This is a popular delicacy in China and Taiwan. No wonder this food is a best-seller in Din Tai Fung, a popular Michelin-starred restaurant in Taipei. It comes with a soft bun filled with custard made from salted egg. It’s gooey and tasty.



salted egg carbonara


Salted Egg Carbonara

Here’s another favorite. The salted egg carbonara is like carbonara as we know it, but the cream sauce is mixed with salted egg. It’s pasta al dente with a hint of aromatic curry leaves.



salted egg macaron


Salted Duck Egg Macaron

A classic French pastry with a twist. It has a sweet and salty combination of cream, buttercream, and salted duck egg. This is a first of its kind, because macarons are known to come in flavors like vanilla or crème brulee. How that for an Asian-inspired macaron?

Just a word of caution not to eat too much. Too much salt in our system in unhealthy.


Visit www.dintaifung.com for salted egg bun
www.centuryseafoodrestaurant.com prawn with salted duck egg
www.bizu.com for the macaron
www.houseofcrisps.com potato chips
www.pepperlunch.com for the carbonara

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