The Truth About Trans-Fat Free

//The Truth About Trans-Fat Free

When you see labels that point out the following: less fat, less sugar, or fewer calories, does this automatically mean they are good for you and these are the better options? 

Wrong. These labels do not make them healthy foods. Don’t let the label fool you!

Now, this might not be new to you but almost every grocery store, you would see this label: trans-fat free. What does that mean?

Over the years, there are a lot of concerns that involve the consumption of such man-made fats and the negative health effects of said fats. With this, food manufacturers are quick to advertise their products as trans-fat free, eliminating it from their products. 

From one concern emerges another. There were concerns that food manufacturers were just replacing these trans-fat with just as bad saturated fats, what with the birth of culinary re-engineering and such. 

According to a report made, where 58 reformulated foods (both from the groceries and fast food chains) were reviewed – it has been found out that these re-engineered foods had less trans-fat. The study also reported that the grocery store foods and restaurant foods offered less saturated fat levels, unchanged, or only slightly higher than before. 

However, the foods that were reviewed aren’t the most healthy ones. In the bunch, there are kinds of margarine, fries, cookies, cakes, burgers, chicken, etc. 

The point here is, even if it is a better option, it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy and good for you. We can all agree that reducing the trans-fat in foods is a great deal, but if you simply veer away from such foods, the lesser chances for you to consume such trans-fats. 

Imagine if you’d opt for a better option than the convenient fried chicken from fast-food chains, that is your better option. So the next time you want to reach for that cake, you might want to just swap it with fresh fruit. 

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