Tips on How To Reset Your Diet

//Tips on How To Reset Your Diet

Okay, so the situation is, you’re on top of your diet game, you have been keeping your food journal up-to-date, and you’ve been managing your cravings really well… until you received that stress-inducing email from your boss. 

This made you want to reach for a bar of chocolate. Then, you sent a long text to your best friend ending with a “see you later for Korean BBQ!”, which eventually led you to a downward spiral on your diet. 

If this sounds familiar to you and you’re nodding to all of these scenarios, I understand how it feels like! But this shouldn’t stop you from getting up, recharging, and restarting your diet game. It’s just a little obstruction from your actual goal – but the good news is you can still do it! 

Here are some tips when you know you’re falling off of your regular diet: 

Be kind to yourself 

Yes, stuff like this happens. Don’t beat yourself up just because of a little lapse; learn from it and move on. Understand that already happened, but you can still manage to get back up and don’t dwell on the idea of failing. Use this to get better at your diet and challenge yourself in being disciplined with your diet. 

Identify what makes you ‘want’ to eat

Sometimes, you’d just find the urge to eat without actually feeling hungry. When you feel like this, it’s best to figure out the things that drive you to your refrigerator or to your favorite fast-food chain and avoid them. For example, you eat because you’re stressed. At that moment, you feel like you deserve it but then once you come back to your senses, you’d feel the guilt – causing you to feel more negative emotions. When you discover what triggers you, step back a little and understand if you really want to eat or not. To be fair, it is difficult to control your emotions. However, you can still find other ways other than eating to divert your attention. 

Outsmart yourself

The next time you feel like ‘cheating,’ look at your progress. If you keep a food journal along with you, browse through the pages and see how far you’ve come with your diet journey. In doing so, this might make you feel inspired to keep yourself together and ignore the little voice inside you that asks you to ‘pig out.’ Ask yourself, why are you doing this diet? What motivated you to do this in the first place? 

Get back at it! 

Get over that feeling of guilt and just restart. It’s never too late. Do better next time.

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