What is Athleisure?

//What is Athleisure?

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Don’t you wish that you could just hit the gym after a hard day’s work and not even bother to change outfit? For my lifestyle, I wear gym outfits, such as well-fitting leggings, with tanktops, caps with a stylish bag daily.

When I was with my friends shopping in Sta Monica, CA 2 summers ago for my workout clothes at Lulu Lemon, they mentioned about Athleisure. Not it has come to this part of the world at last.

Athleisure is 2018’s fit and fab trend. So what exactly is athleisure?

Athlete + leisure = athleisure. It basically means wearing fashionable gym clothes that can pass off as office or casual wear. Athleisure combines the comfort of wearing exercise clothes with everyday settings. This is a common sight in Beverly Hills where fashionable women come out of their sports cars in gym outfits with their Hermes or Chanel bags, not to mention in NYC,too.

This trend is huge in 2018, In Manila CBDs, it’s not uncommon to see a yuppie pair his or her suits with the latest sneaker style.

In fact, the “sport leisure” style became the largest category in the U.S. sneaker space, beating “performance”-oriented footwear, according to a study by market research firm NPD Group. Now how do you rock this trend? Here are some tips.



Wear your workout clothes and add in casual pieces

Go for the half casual, half athletic look. Think denim jacket, puffer vest, sunglasses, baseball cap, to go with your gym outfit. It’s comfortable and you can also mix and match your usual pieces and give them a new look.


Just choose one athletic piece

Wear what you would usually wear to the office or party and pair it with an athletic piece. It’s a way of dressing down your look and balancing your outfit. More often than not, styles you don’t think go together always create put-together looks. So go ahead and try it out. For example, why not pair your sneakers with dresses? Your sweatshirt with a skirt? Or a baseball cap with a feminine blouse?



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Color coordinate

This tip never gets old. For athleisure, color coordination is also the key. It doesn’t mean that all colors of your outfit have to be the same. It just means being familiar with the color wheel and using it to your advantage. For example, you can go monochrome or colors that have the same shade. Then add a different color as an accessory. You can also stick two colors to create harmony. Or maybe use different shades of gray to create a basic but sophisticated look.


Simple is sexy

Keep it simple and super casual. One of the easiest ways to rock the athleisure trend is to wear black workout leggings. These are so versatile and you can wear them with a crop top and sneakers for a cute and comfortable look. You can also make your simple athleisure ensemble look more sexy by pairing it with an athletic accessory. A tight midi skirt can be worn with tank, sneakers, or a baseball cap.


Wear flattering workout apparel and gear

Just because you want to look like you’re going to the gym doesn’t mean you have to look like you just finished going to one. The rule of the thumb is don’t wear grungy workout clothes. Athleisre is not about wearing old beat up workout clothes.

Pick up a pair of chic sneakers or wear a pair of leggings that flatter your bum and legs. Go ahead and have fun, stay on trend, and aim to look fun even if you’re about to sweat it out.



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But did you know there was a time when I ddnt feel comfortable wearing rubber shoes and athleisure outfits? It was because I had belly fat, bloated face, and I just ddnt look good in this attire. But now after losing all the flabs, I can wear in anyway I want it! One will always look best in Athleisure if she has a toned and healthy body.

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