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White Rice

For most people, especially in the Philippines or Asia, eating a meal without white rice is always incomplete. But for those who want to get rid of extra pounds, they choose to give up this white grain. Is it really worth it?

First of all, white rice is really not food for people on a fat loss program since it is high in glycemic index. It also has a minimal amount of fiber, which mean that it wouldn’t help much on your metabolism. White rice is a kind of grain which fiber-rich layer–called “bran”, and the nutrient-rich part- -called “germ,”  were already removed.

Eating too much white rice is not very healthy for people who are at risk or already have diabetes because it can cause spikes on their sugar levels. Before changing a big part of your regular diet, be sure to consult a health expert first. 

However, it would be of big help to those who want to build up muscles or gain some weight. But you must how much you should eat.

If we eat too much white rice, yes we might gain weight. But actually, it’s not only rice that can make us fat. Eating any kind of food more than the regular recommended intake may cause weight gain. You should really be in control of what you eat. 

If you really intend to remove white rice from your system, you should actually have something to replace it in terms of the benefits that it gives. Switching to brown or other kinds of rice can work. The challenge is many dont know which kind of grain to take and how much according to what your body needs.

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    Hi, the Why Ditch the White Rice article it is well written and has
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    • Michelle Medina-Sison March 8, 2020 at 10:51 am

      Thank you so much. We’re glad it helped you. Feel free to read more of our blogs. 😍

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