Why The Need To Avoid Empty Liquid Calories

//Why The Need To Avoid Empty Liquid Calories

Okay, so you are doing a fantastic job with counting your calorie-intake on the daily. You make it a point to always journal or jot down every bit of calories you consume because it matters to you to know how exactly you spend your allotted daily calories. 

Great, you’re doing an amazing job at that – and yet, you are still at a loss because no matter how disciplined you are with your diet, you can still see the results! You are not even close to your goal. Do you want to know what may be causing that? It’s my turn to ask. Do you know how much liquid calories are you drinking each day? 

Yup, you have heard that right. There are a lot of beverages out there that have a high-calorie count! So if you are the type to watch your weight and are monitoring your calories, but still love drinking beverages which are packed with calories, I hate to break it to you, but you need to start paying attention to your liquid calories, too. 

Such liquid calories do not really make you feel full. The fluids we ingest do not really take that much space in our stomachs, hence we tend to not adjust for that added extra liquid calories we drink through taking in less food, causing to pour the fluids at the top. 

If you are into sugary drinks especially sodas, you might want to put a stop to that since you are trying to lose weight. Sodas are extremely packed with sugar. Imagine if you bid adieu to this drink – you’d be losing a great deal of weight just because of cutting this out of your liquid consumption. 

Sadly, it doesn’t really just stop there. In the market, we get a variety of sugary drinks everywhere. Coffee, for example, is one of the culprits (if you take it with sugar and cream, of course). Not to mention the fruit drinks, lemonades, and sweetened tea that are hard to resist at times. It really doesn’t help that it is so easy for liquid calories to go down really easily in your system versus solid foods. With just one gulp, you would be consuming a lot of calories without you even noticing if you aren’t very careful. Did someone mention milk tea? 

What’s your best bet? Water! 

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